Law Enforcement

Phillips County Sheriff's Office
The City of Phillipsburg contracts with the Phillips County for law enforcement.

For more information, contact the Sheriff's Office at (785) 543-6885. For emergencies call 9-1-1.


Fire Department
The Phillipsburg Fire Department is a volunteer organization which trains and provides fire protection to the City of Phillipsburg. 

These same volunteers also serve as the firemen for Phillips County Rural Fire District #1


Animal Control

Animal Complaints
The City of Phillipsburg does not have an animal control officer however the city does work with residents to assist with dogs. If a dog is has been contained you can call the City Office (785) 543-5234 and employees will take the dog to the animal pound. 

If the dog is vicious please call the Sheriff's Office at (785) 543-6885 for immediate assistance. 

If you know who the animal’s owner is and you wish to file a complaint with the municipal court, please contact the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office.

Dog Pound
If your dog is missing please check with the City of Phillipsburg City Office at (785) 543-5234 to see if your pet has been taken to the dog pound. The daily fee for keeping the dog is $8. This must be paid for in advance prior to taking the dog home. 

Adoption of Dogs
Dogs in the pound are available for adoption if they have not been claimed by their owner. A receipt from a licensed veterinarian for spaying / neutering the animal must be provided to the City Office and pound fees must be paid.

Other Animals
The City of Phillipsburg does not shelter cats or other animals.